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Winkler Residents Outraged by Road Closures

Several days of road construction has caused an uproar in Winkler, with entire streets being blocked for the full day.

Resident Michael Friesen doesn’t have anything good to say about the city’s planning department;

Clearly the Winkler city planners have no idea what they’re doing. I live on Crystal Crescent, and my street is going to be blocked from 8:00am to 7:00pm today! That is just ridiculous; I think it’s time for this generation of city staffers to move on- perhaps a forced retirement would be good. The city doesn’t even post a proper bulletin on their website!

The city’s official bulletin can be seen here. The closures are also confusing for people new to the city, as well as visitors. Jason McCormick of Winnipeg shares his experience:

I travel to Winkler fairly often for business, and occasionally to golf, but today the city left a bad taste in my mouth. I normally turn down 15th street to head to the golf course, but had no luck there, so tried to take Main and get to the golf course via Mountain. Of course, Mountain was also closed, requiring me to go all the way to Pembina before I could actually get onto 15th. This is a fairly vital street, and should not have other arterial streets leading to it closed as well.

15th Street is a highly trafficked road, mostly used by commuters trying to get to a southern part of the city from Highway 14. Mountain Avenue is a busy thoroughfare for east west traffic 


Returning from Vacation

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