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Plum Fest Almost Worth It This Year

This years Plum Fest turnout was a larger success than the festival organizers expected. The total number of visitors was down from last year, bringing in just over 200 visitors this year, but it was still rather impressive.

Festival Chair Greg Banman notes some of the highlights of this years festival;

There was a little bit of something for everyone here this year; fire dancers, a petting zoo with reptiles, hard rock and a great waffle breakfast. Although, I think the highlight for everyone was when the inflatables popped and created an uproar. Definite success, can’t wait for next year.

Banman says that he has a few surprises planned for the next festival.


Ditch Fire Near Horndean

A ditch fire about 2 miles east of Horndean at about 2pm today caused chaos and mass evacuation of the village. Horndean residents could not be reached for comment.

Visitors Puzzled by Stanley Cup


Winkler residents are puzzled and outraged by the massive line-ups and wait at the Southland Mall in Winkler, where the Stanley Cup is currently on display.

Mall-walker Mark Woods doesn’t see what all the fuss is about;

I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s just a cup with somebody’s name on it. There’s huge lines, crazy traffic and so much noise. All I want to do is get my regular walking in, in the comfort of the air-conditioned mall. All of these people are wreaking havoc with my routine.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind the lines, there is an opportunity to get a photo taken with the cup.

Rat Poison Halves Altona Cat Population

After one Altona resident heard that there was a rat problem in the neighbourhood, he laid out a generous amount of poison on his yard. Cats; having the approximate intelligence of a rat, consumed much of this poison, and the number of cats in Altona was consequently halved.

No charges have yet been laid in this incident, but PETA has been closely following the drama with intention to prosecute.

The town of Altona reminds residents to only use arsenic based poisons to keep rodent and feline populations under control.

News Website Threatens


A new website for the community has Golden West worried about their flagship site in the Pembina Valley;

eWinkler is a brand new site, where residents can “have their say” on various matters in the communities. The discussion forum is already chock full of intellectual debate on a variety of subjects.

PVO management could not be reached for comment.

Vandals Strike Gretna


RCMP are looking for whoever was is responsible for spray painting a number of obscenities throughout the town of Gretna.
The incident appears to have occured overnight. Vandals painted a number of offensive words and images on several buildings including Mennonite Collegiate Institute, the Gretna Bergthaler Church and the local arena. A number of road signs were also hit. Some clean-up work has already begun. More details will follow once they become available.


CKMW’s Change to FM Sparks Controversy

CKMW (1570 AM) was recently granted approval by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to move CKMW from the AM band to FM. No date has been set as of yet, but CKMW is planning on operating at 103.7 MHz in the near future.

This has caused a bit of uproar with the older residents in communities serviced by this station. Winkler resident John Klassen says;

I’ve always loved AM radio. I can turn the volume much higher without distorting the crisp sound, and it’s just so clear. FM is just evil. Guaranteed, CKMW will lose my loyalty. Besides, I’d have to buy a new radio; I can’t do that.

Nevertheless, the station and its parent company; Golden West Broadcasting, as planning on going ahead with the switch.

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